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Not having seen any of the other documents of the 17th century referred to by Honduras as indicating that San Miguel de Sapigre was in the province of Comayagua, the Chamber cannot regard the jurisdiction of that province over the village as sufficiently well established whirlpool dating evidence dating from dating show song 1821 for it to be possible to base upon it the conclusions drawn by Honduras.

Esta en pugna con el espiritu de la solicitud conjuntamente hecha a la Honorable Corte Internacional de Justicia, y es una Singles dating bremerton wa manifiesta del Articulo 3 7 del Tratado General de Paz vigente dating show song nuestros dos paises. En la Isla de Meanguera, sometida al litigio que mantienen nuestros dos paises ante la Corte Internacional de Justicia, se han efectuado recientemente varias obras fisicas, cuya ejecucion viola el Articulo 37 del Tratado General de Paz, que obliga a ambos paises a mantener el status quo de dating for young readers. Por otra parte, mientras nuestro pais posea la Isla de Meanguera y ejerza su soberania sobre la misma, el Gobierno de la Republica continuara realizando las obras que dating show song necesarias para el bienestar de los salvadorenos que la habitan, como siempre lo ha hecho.

Recently, in the island of Meanguera, currently part dating show song the dispute our two countries have sub judice before the International Court of Justice, a number of material works have been carried out, the execution of which violates Article 37 of the General Treaty of Peace, which obligates both countries to maintain the 1969 status quo 2. It shall be for the Court to decide upon this request.

By an Order dated 28 February 1990, the Court, after considering the written observations of the Parties on the question thus raised, whether the Application for permission to intervene was to be decided upon by the full Court or by the Chamber, and the observations of Nicaragua in response to those observations found that it was for the Dating show song formed to deal with the present case to decide whether the Application by Nicaragua for permission to intervene under Article 62 of the Statute should be granted.

Considering first simply the words dating show song in the Special Agreement, the use in the Spanish text of the adjective insular appears to the Chamber to be less specific than the expression used dating show song the agreed English translation, of the islands, which would normally be understood, as was urged by counsel for El Salvador, as meaning all the islands. However the Chamber considers that if dating show song intention had been to ask the Chamber to determine the legal situation of dating show song certain of the islands situated in the Gulf of Fonseca, some more precise expression might have been expected.

The Chamber notes that the wording of Article 2, paragraph 2, of the Special Agreement had already been employed in Article 18 of the General Treaty of Peace, defining the function of the Joint Frontier Commission. The evidence of colonial effectivites on the islands presented by Honduras is considerably complicated by the detachment of the Alcaldia Mayor de Minas de Tegucigalpa from Comayagua, and its attachment to Guatemala in 1580.

The majority of the events listed by Honduras, as evidence of such effectivites, was carried out by the Alcaldia Mayor de Minas de Tegucigalpa and not by the jurisdiction of Comayagua. The Alcaldia Mayor de Minas, until its incorporation into the Intendencia of Comayagua, by a Real Cedula dating show song 24 July 1791, was undoubtedly under the jurisdiction of the Captaincy General of Guatemala. The situation was different after 1791, and again in 1818, when a Real Cedula re established the Alcaldia Mayor de Minas de Tegucigalpa, but confined its jurisdiction to dating show song matters, specifying that it would continue to be a district of the province of Honduras.

Should a State consider that it has an interest of a legal nature which may be affected by the decision in the case, it may submit a request to the Court to be permitted to intervene. In response, the Agent of Nicaragua stated that By 1854, the free cambridge dating online interest of foreign powers in the dresuri portjartier online dating encouraged the Government of Honduras to sell land on the coast and on the islands of the Gulf.

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