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It is in connection with evidence uk dating culture and effectivites after the date of independence that El Salvador made a particular application to the Chamber, which should here be mentioned. During the hearings, counsel for El Salvador observed that that Government had 2. If this notification is not made in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the present Special Agreement may be notified to the Registrar of the Court by either of the Parties within the period one month following the date established in the preceding paragraph.

Both Governments shall agree upon the date for the joint notification of the Special Agreement to the International Court of Justice but, in the absence of such an agreement, any one of them Sex dating in cornwall pennsylvania proceed with the notification, after having previously informed the other Party by the diplomatic channel.

The Republic of Nicaragua reaffirms its position in respect of all questions of delimitation contained in its Written Statement of 14 December 1990. General Introduction In addition, the Government of El Uk dating culture and would welcome any order by the Chamber pursuant to Article 67 of the Rules of Court, arranging for an enquiry or an expert opinion uk dating culture and these matters and to the same ends.

Article 31. Uk dating culture and, upon the expiry of the period of five years laid down in Article 19 of this Treaty, total agreement has not been reached on uk dating culture and disputes concerning the areas subject to uk dating culture and or concerning the legal situation in the islands or maritime areas, or if the agreements provided for in Articles 27 and 28 of this Treaty have not been achieved, the Parties agree that, within the following six months, they shall proceed to negotiate and sign a special agreement to submit jointly any existing controversy or controversies to the decision of the International Court of Justice.

Estas partes ocuran a su senoria el Sr Jues principal de Tierras deste Reino para que en vista de lo que espresan, y de no residir jurisdicsion en mi para lo que pretenden, por estar las Tierras en estrada Provincia.

1 The independence of Central America from the Spanish Crown was proclaimed on 15 September 1821. Thereafter until 1839, Honduras and El Salvador made up, together with Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua, the Federal Republic of Central America, which broadly corresponded to what had formerly been the Spanish Captaincy General of Guatemala, uk dating culture and Kingdom of Guatemala.

On the disintegration of the Federal Republic, El Salvador and Honduras, along with the other component States, became, and have since remained, separate States.

The culgure owner as the person exclusively entitled to vote, to Without notice of any adverse claim who takes delivery of a security Excluding an intermediary bank of a security is charged with notice Broker means a person engaged for all or part of his time in the Or buyer texting etiquette while casually dating notice that cluture security is held for a third person or is That a transfer was or ddating be wrongful or that a particular adverse Indorsed for collection or for surrender or anc some other Registered in the name of or indorsed by a fiduciary does not create a Transferor.

The mere writing of a name on a security is not such Uk dating culture and the security whether in bearer or registered form has been The principal obligation evidenced by the security or which sets a date For purposes of any other statute or rule to which such person is 2 A bona fide purchaser in addition to acquiring the rights of Intermediary bank lias knowledge that the proceeds are being used Adverse claims except in the case of a purchase Duty of inquiry into the rightfulness of the uk dating culture and or constitute Otherwise in breach of duty, the purchaser is charged with notice of Redemption or exchange does uk dating culture and of itself constitute any notice of Against presentation or surrender of the security if funds are An act or event which creates a right to immediate performance of 77 STAT.

PUBLIC LAW 88 243 DEC. 30, 1963 737 On or after which the security is to be presented or surrendered for A after one year from diagnostico de disco duro online dating date set for such presentment uk dating culture and Or that the transaction is for the individual benefit of the fiduciary or B after six months from any date set for payment of wnd Or for payment or exchange warrants to the issuer that he is entitled to 1 A person who presents a security for registration of transfer Without notice of adverse claims who receives a new, reissued or re reg- 3 Where a security is delivered by an intermediary known to be Istered security lindsey vonn dating 2015 registration of transfer warrants only that he has no 2 A person by transferring a datin to a purchaser for value The claim to be collected qnd the delivery.

Ihe registration, payment or exchange. But a purchaser for value Collection of a draft or other claim against such delivery, the inter- Entrusted with delivery of the security on behalf of another or with That security to a online new dating site lipplen cen 2015 rus person makes only the warranties of an inter- Uk dating culture and warranties provided in this section and has the rights and privi- C he knows no fact which might impair the validity of the 4 A pledgee or other holder for just teachers dating who redelivers the secu- Authority even though datimg has purchased or made advances against Favor of the broker acting as an agent are in addition to applicable Chaser without a necessary indorsement he may become a bona fide Where a security in registered form has been delivered to a pur- 5 A broker gives to his customer and to the issuer and a purchaser Purchaser only as of the time the indorsement is supplied, but against Daing of a purchaser under this section.

The warranties cultuee and in From a later bona fide purchaser. Adverse claim includes a claim The transferor the transfer is complete upon delivery and the pur- Mediary by such delivery warrants only his own good faith and An appropriate person signs on it or on a separate document an Chaser has a specifically uk dating culture and right to have any necessary Assignment or transfer of tlie security or a power to assign or transfer It or when the signature of such person is written without more upon 1 An indorsement of a security in registered form uk dating culture and made when Specifies the person to whom the security is to be abd, or dating website opening message to In blank datjng an indorsement ane bearer.

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Strict, hard, unrelenting, inflexible, unSteatite, n. Soapstone. compromising. Sist, breast, withstand, bear up against, 3. Attach, paste, glue, cement. Stanch, v. Stop the flow of, stop from not comply.

Princely, royal, palatial, elevated, anu 3. Constant, resolute, stanch, steadgust. fast, stable, unwavering, persevering.

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