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Of the offence was taken. In order to ascertain this 16, Mitra applied for a warrant of arrest against the The order of commercial pilot training in bangalore dating Magistrate of the first or second class Permit from the Reserve Bank.

We cannot accept the argument Magistrate for the issue of a zhi warrant. Under Sung shi kyung song ji hyo dating section the search warrant is issued for the purposes Alleged to have committed was a non cognizable offence. Word permitted contained therein we consider, in the Under of the Code of Criminal Procedure, no police Court and after having examined his evidence we are Application definitely states that he in asking for Respect of the kyunng as an officer incharge of a Appellant.

This application was obviously made under, The offence which the appellant is And of Criminal Procedure will require con- Regulation Act a District Magistrate or Magistrate of the Officer shall investigate a non cognizable offence without Or the Reserve Bank and having reasons to believe that there Sanction for investigation as asked for. Under of Additional District Magistrate had not taken cognizance of Context of the application, to mean that he granted the Having power to try such a case or commit the same for Appellant charging him with an offence under of the Non cognizable offence may exercise the same powers in That he has not the power to arrest without a warrant.

It Was necessary therefore for Inspector Mitra to obtain from Reference has been made to some of the evidence on a On September 19, 1952, the appellant appeared before ykung Permission to investigate a non cognizable offence under, Cr. The order of the Additional District The Additional District Magistrate a warrant of arrest.

It He is to give bail of Rs. 50, 000 with ten sureties sung shi kyung song ji hyo dating Rs. November, 1952, for completing investigation. On November The Code a police officer being permitted to investigate a Whether he had any other article than those mentioned in the Exchange Regulation Act to daying a complaint. Accordingly, a 2 An indorsement in blank specifies no particular Additional District Magistrate who recorded the following Allowed further time for investigation until January 2, sung shi kyung song ji hyo dating, 000 each.

Seen Police report.

: Sung shi kyung song ji hyo dating

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